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The Human Health & Yoga Collective

The last time you decide to get healthy! Step onto your mat with confidence and start living a healthier life In as little as 7 days

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Confidently practice yoga at home Inside the HYC

WAke up healthier everyday

So many people feel like they’ve let themselves down when they can’t stick to their yoga and health practices!

When you're trying to do it alone…

You find it hard to stay committed longer than a week

Your confidence dwindles with every failed attempt

You end up blaming yourself, feeling worse than when you started

You don’t have to struggle alone! It is possible! It’s not your fault! You can get healthy even if you’ve “failed” before!

I get it. It’s more than yoga practice. It’s your way of looking after yourself and empowering yourself to live life on your terms. It’s about feeling confident you’re staying healthy long into later years. It’s finding something that’s for you and making yourself a priority especially when life’s busy.


Waking up with energy each morning excited for the day

Stepping on your yoga mat with a big smile on your face

Never having to make the decision to get healthy again.

Being ready to take on life supported by a healthy mind, body and outlook.

Hi! I'm Alec

I want to put your mind at ease. I’ve created the Human Health & Yoga Collective to get you stepping confidently onto your mat so you wake up healthier everyday. It's supported 100's of people to start yoga and live healthier. It will work for you too.

"I felt drained, anxious, and lacked confidence." You know that sinking feeling where you question if life’s always going to be like this? That was where I was at.

Never feeling good enough regardless of how hard I trained

Forever trying to change but feeling like I was getting nowhere

My mental health took a nosedive.

I reached my limit, something had to change. For the next 10 years, I dedicated myself to creating a healthier, more wholesome way of living. I dove into all the things that held me back. I overcame them one by one. I discovered the fundamental, simple truths to make long-lasting, healthy change. These work for everybody.

I blended this with a decade of health coaching, yoga, and meditation to create a simple framework. It's helped 100's to practice yoga and wake up healthier every day. Including me 🙂

It’s called the 'Create - Expand - Deepen Framework' (CED). First we create your personal plan through the HYC. Then when you’re living healthier we’ll expand it so being healthy is your natural state of being. Then we’ll deepen your practice so it lasts a life time.

Here’s how I’ll help you install the CED into your life so you never have to decide to get healthy again.


Book your call and we will create your plan

Before every yoga practice or health plan there’s a unique human. We start there, crafting your unique plan based upon you, your lifestyle and your goals. So many plans fail because they never factor this in. Your plan grows as you grow. Imagine having total confidence you’re not only sticking to your yoga but getting healthier every week.


Rock solid commitment

Discover the unique way to structure your life so that you can stay committed to your plan especially when life is busy. This applies to yoga, diet, fitness EVERY habit! When you know this you’ll know the secret to staying healthy for a lifetime. No more FADS, No more YO-Yoing!


Never doubt yourself again! Your new healthy state of being

Full access to our interactive online Health Studio & Yoga Studio. Roll out your mat with an ear-to-ear smile as you level up your practice with our yoga and health courses. Achieve incredible shape and never let a sluggish aching body hold you back again. Being healthy is your new state of being


Live online Yoga &
Fitness Classes ​

You’ll feel inspired and stay committed as these classes become a part of your weekly routine. Within just 4 classes, you’ll be feeling stronger, more flexible, and confident. You’ll continue expand your practice every single week 💪​


Welcome to the
Human community

There’s nothing more powerful than a group of people united by the same goal. We’re here to cheer for you when you’re winning! We’re here to pick you up if you stumble. You’re part of something bigger when you find your tribe. It’s hard not to be motivated when you’re surrounded by humans with a passion life and healthy living.

We do this through a unique blend of Coaching, Courses, Classes & Community inside our own app. Designed to be your 'All in one at home Health & Yoga studio'… This is the Human Health & Yoga Collective.

Wake up with energy each morning excited for the day

Step on your yoga mat with a big smile on your face motivated to live healthier

Never make the decision to get healthy again.

Ready to take on life supported by a healthy mind, body and outlook

100’s of our members use our approach
to yoga to live a healthy life.

I have laid out everything you need to practice yoga and live healthy. The question is are you ready to take that first step onto your mat and towards the healthiest version of you?

Here's everything you'll get when you join the Human Health & Yoga Collective:

  • Personal 1 to 1 coaching call with Alec – £75
  • A step-by-step map through the Human Health & Yoga Collective £197
  • 1 to 1 support via our in app messenger £197
  • Online Yoga studio: Beginner Yogi course – On demand yoga class library – Yoga Fit – Meditations for modern life – £297
  • Online Health Studio: The Human Blueprint 8 week course – Lifelong Strong – Fitness class Library – Nutrition Mastery – £297
  • 2 Live online Yoga and fitness classes each week – £72
  • Access to our incredible HYC community £Priceless
  • Live monthly workshops with Alec & Amy £97
  • Anywhere, any time access via the HYC App.

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Backed by our ‘Live healthy guarantee”. If you haven’t created your ideal health and yoga routine in 6 weeks I’ll work with you for free until you do!

14-day “informed decision guarantee

Every choice we make today is an investment in our future. We pay either way. We either pay now with time and effort or we pay later in life with poor health and a lower quality of life. The HYC is an incredible way of living healthy both now and for years to come. See you in there!