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Welcome to the 7 Day Yoga Kickstart

Step onto your mat with confidence and transform your health. Think you're not flexible or calm enough for yoga? Too busy? Our 7-day program is tailored just for you.


Sign up & attend the kickstart


Build a tailor-made yoga & health routine into your life


Confidently practice & live healthily

The thought of starting yoga can be daunting. We are here to help.


"Am I flexible enough?"


"I'm so busy, and I’m rubbish with tech!"


"What if It’s full of experienced yogi’s and I feel silly?"


"I’m not calm enough"

We get it! It’s more than just wanting to try yoga. It’s about finding a way to look after yourself, making yourself a priority and investing in your long-term health. Every time these thoughts hold you back, it not only prevents you from trying yoga but also stops you getting healthy.

Hi! I'm Alec

I'm a yoga teacher and health coach. I created the 10-Day Yoga Kickstart to debunk these misconceptions and get your practising yoga right away.

With the 7 Day Yoga Kickstart, you will:

Get a first hand experience of yoga in a friendly, non-pressured environment with like-minded people.

Overcome the misconceptions that held you back in the first place

Get 1-on-1 guidance from a dedicated teacher (that’s me!).

After supporting 100’s of students to practise yoga and get healthy I know it’s more than just trying yoga:

It’s finding a way of truly looking after yourself, ensuring you wake up feeling great and confident about your health, even as the years roll on.

It’s finding something just for you and making yourself and your health a priority, Even when life’s busy

It’s being connected to something bigger, a community that enriches our life.

100’s of our members use our approach to yoga to live a healthy life. Are you ready to do the same?



While I can’t promise that yoga is the perfect fit for everyone, I can guarantee that by the end of the 7-Day Kickstart:

You’ll gain a firsthand experience of yoga and determine if it truly resonates with you—no more comparison.

You’ll step away more confident in your ability to live healthily and create healthy habits in any area of your life.

You will have moved better, breathed better, and not only will you have learned something new, but you’ll also have challenged yourself in refreshing ways.

I guarantee I’ll be there, supporting you to the very best of my ability every step of the way.