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5 Days to Your Healthiest Year

Discover the simple step by step process to creating long-lasting, effortless change to your health, and take the first steps to your healthiest year ever.

Hi, we're HUMAN πŸ‘‹πŸ»

If you're human and you've chosen to get healthier (amazing πŸ™ŒπŸ») but struggling to know how to make lasting lifestyle changes, congratulations!

We're so happy you found us.

At HUMAN we understand how difficult it can be to walk a healthier path. From dietary advice to meditation techniques, the internet is flooded with conflicting information.

Couple that with finding time and support in a busy world, and it's no surprise how easily good health intentions fall by the wayside.

If this sounds like you, please know you aren't alone.

We've worked with hundreds of people just like you.

This means we understand exactly how overwhelming it can be working it out by yourself. We also know that with correct guidance and support, creating a lifestyle blueprint for lasting change, is possible.

More than that, it's simple. And, it all starts inside this workshop.

How does the '5 Days to Your Healthiest Year' work?

Over the 5 days, I'll be releasing an awesome new video into our private community group. We're going to cover a new topic each day and each video builds on the last.

You'll understand the 3 common mistakes that hold people back from making long lasting change to their health.

Each video is roughly 20 minutes and to get most from these 5 days I recommend you setting aside time each day to watch and complete the task.

This workshop is all about action, all about creating momentum and I'll be giving you a small task after each video 😊 We're not waiting until Monday this time, I'm here to show how to get started right away πŸ’ͺ

We're going to cover:

How to create a healthy personal environment

How to create your unique health road map

How to improve your nutrition and how to, get to, and maintain a healthy weight

The importance of de-stressing and getting the best nights sleep

The power of community, accountability and support

a sense of community

You'll be part of an incredibly supportive and interactive group of likeminded people all striving to live more healthily.

I'll be with you the whole time to support you through your process.

I've created a workshop workbook that will become an invaluable resource long after the workshop finishes. This is where you can complete your tasks with some extra bonuses thrown in for good measure πŸ˜‰

On the final day, I'll be going live to celebrate you and all your effort, and deliver the last training. This is where we wrap it all and get taking your first steps to your healthiest year ever.

the results speak for themselves

'5 Days to Your Healthiest Year' helps you untangle the beliefs that hold you back and gives you a pathway to long-term health success.

Hi! I'm Alec

I've spent over a decade navigating the health and fitness industry and what I've learnt is simple: the most important thing we have is our time on this world.

However, finding your own unique path to living healthy, living fully to doing the things we love most can be time-consuming. There's so much information out there and it can be confusing too. Combined with busy lives, all the above can make it difficult to know exactly how to use your time to live your best life. Which is precisely why I created...

5 Days to Your Healthiest Year

I'm here to tell you that you already have everything you need to be healthy, happy & strong!

The '5 Days to Your Healthiest Year' workshop's goal is therefore simple; it untangles the limiting beliefs that are holding us back, and gives you the knowledge, tools and support to take your first step towards your healthiest year ever.

We'd love to invite you to join the tribe! Click below if you're ready.


Absolutely! The course has been designed to fit in with even the busiest of lives. Each video delivered at 6am each morning, and you can watch whenever you get the time throughout the day. The video are roughly 20 minutes long.

I will be here to support you the WHOLE WAY
It all kicks off 9th January 2023
Start your healthiest year belowπŸ’ͺ