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An online Studio where Health & Yoga combine

Our unique blend of Coaching, Courses, Classes & Community designed to be your 'All in one at home Health & Yoga studio'

Do you feel like you’re forever trying to get healthy and don't know where to start?

When you're trying to do it alone…

Your confidence dwindles with every failed attempt

You end up chasing unhealthy ideals that have bombarded us since childhood

You feel stuck in an endless cycle of frustration and confusion trying to figure it out yourself

This holds you back from enjoying the things you love most in life. It drains your time, energy, and money. Deep down, the fear of long-term health implications stresses you out. You shouldn’t have lived a life held back by poor health and not feeling good enough.

Imagine everything you need laid out step by step so you don’t need to figure it all out yourself.

Wake up with energy each morning excited for the day

Step on your yoga mat with a big smile on your face motivated to live healthier

Never make the decision to get healthy again.

Ready to take on life supported by a healthy mind, body and outlook

a personal approach

Eliminate the guesswork and take back control of your health....

Staying committed is hard. Figuring out all the conflicting information alone is even harder. I’ve created Human to get you unstuck. It will help you take strides to a healthier life through our unique blend of Coaching, Courses, Classes, and Community. This is your ‘All in one at home Health & Yoga studio’.

It’s helped 100’s of people practice yoga and wake up healthier every day.

It will work for you too.



First, we jump on a call. Together, we create your plan through the Human Health & Yoga Collective.



Then when you’re living healthier we’ll expand it so being healthy is your natural state of being



We’ll then deepen your practice so it lasts a lifetime.

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Human Health & Yoga Collective

Welcome to the Human Health & Yoga Collective
- an online studio where health and yoga combine.

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Health & Yoga Collective

Your 'All in one at home Health & Yoga studio. Step on your mat with an ear to ear smile and total confidence you’re not only sticking to your yoga but getting healthier every week.

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Not sure where to start? No problem. Our online workshops are the perfect kickstart to any health or yoga practice. Check them out below.

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5 Days to Your Healthiest Year

5 days

Make this your healthiest year ever in just 5 days. Sign up for our '5 Days to Your Healthiest Year' workshop here.


The 7 Day
Yoga Kickstart

7 days

Step onto your mat with confidence and kickstart your yoga practice in the ‘7 day Yoga kickstart.

The 'Practicing Yoga at Home' Free Guide

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