Yoga Daily Routine Tips and Benefits

Yoga. Often when people think of yoga they imagine a thin young woman twisting herself into a pretzel – upside-down or think they have to be flexible to do it in the first place.

Fortunately for all of us, the wonderful reality of yoga is far different. Yoga is accessible to every single person, regardless of their age, physical shape, or life situation. Yoga’s benefits are wholly free, easy to practice, and can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Just what is yoga all about, and why is it so wonderfully healthy?

Benefits of Daily Yoga
Yoga provides a wealth of improvements to a person’s health, mental state, and emotional balance. Here are just a few ways in which yoga helps you. It:
• Naturally lowers blood pressure
• Eases stress levels
• Improves sleep
• Increases flexibility
• Bolsters the immune system
• Builds mental focus
• Nurtures contentment

With all of these benefits coming daily for free, adding yoga to your daily routine should definitely be high on any to-do list.
But most of us are busy. We have responsibilities to juggle. Schedules which need to be kept. How do we fit yoga into the mix?

Developing a Daily Yoga Routine
There are generally two keys involved in adding something new into your existing daily routine. First, you want to tie the new item to something you’re already doing. And second, start with a small time investment. That way there’s less of an emotional hurdle involved in giving it a try.
Let’s examine the first topic. Tying yoga to something you already do. If you’re a morning person, maybe you can connect yoga with breakfast. It’s generally wise to wait to eat until after you’ve done yoga, so add just ten minutes of yoga in before you have that breakfast. We can create a gentle flow for any ability for you to fit into your routine.

That’s it. Simple, manageable, and done. Of course, the intention is to deepen into a regular practice but allow this to happen organically and with gentle with yourself.
If there is simply no way to invest ten minutes in the morning, because of overly hectic morning schedules, then find somewhere else to fit it in. Maybe you can do ten minutes before lunch. Maybe ten minutes before dinner. If those don’t work, we can bring attention to the work we already are doing, be present in small actions of life, washing the dishes, shopping for food and allow this space to grow.
The more you get used to the daily routine, and the more your body enjoys the benefits of the activity, the more likely you are to stretch it out a bit. To deepen a pose. To add just one new pose into the mix.
You only have one body. Nurture it, and your body will allow you to experience your true nature and this world in all it’s beauty.

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