Meditation on the move

As the name indicatesthis type of meditationis done with the help of movement. Movement meditation means to move and breath consciously and deliberately. It helps to start slow and find your natural rhythm. Begin to synchronise your breath with the movements of the body, a gentle movement that you are familiar with is recommended such as walking or gentle stretches. Try to move as naturally as possible, trying not to think too much about it, just breath with it. There is no right or wrong here just you, your body and breath.

Movement meditation creates space and allows you to become aware of where you at, whether that is on the mental level of thoughts, emotional level, sensations of the body or even your mood.  It is a beautiful way to check in with yourself. From this space we can simply be with our experience. Just noticing our thoughts helps to keep the mind calm and more focused. With practice movements meditations helps to develop higher awareness and cultivate peace within ourselves.

The physical movements of body and breath tethers you to the present moment, you cannot physically walk or breath in the past or take a step in the future. A lot of practices we see today are expressions of movement meditation such as Asana in yoga, Qi Gong, many types of martial arts and dance. Allow yourself to move and try different practices, what works for one may not another. What I love about movement meditation is the simplicity and the opportunity to turn everyday tasks into an opportunity to connect to self. Finding calm in the every day is a strong practice to cultivate space and peace in our lives. 

Benefits of moving meditation 

There are several benefits of walking meditation on both physical and mental health. Let’s check out some of the major ones:

Reduces stress and anxiety

Stress, depression, and anxiety can be daily life problems and anything that can help to reduce this is surly a good thing. Stress causes our Sypathetic system to activate which causes the breaths to shorten and fasten, increases your heart rate and raise the blood pressure ready for action. An essential survival mechanism when there is actual danger for us to react to however most of the cases in modern society this is not the case. I’ll discuss this more thourouholy in an upcoming blog. Continually activation of this system (prolonged episodes of stress) is ultimately going to lead to fatigue, headaches, depression as well as heart problems.

According to medical and scientific studies, movement meditation helps relieve anxietypain, stress, and depression. The reason is that this type of meditation allows us to breath naturally and consciously and with focusing on the exhalation and deepening our breath we relax the stress response to more relaxed state (Parasympathetic nervous system). 

Promotes quality and deep sleep

A night of good sleep is the best way to recharge, replenish, and heal ready for the next day. Our brain also processes and downloads all the useful information from our day while we are sleeping. On the other hand, inadequate sleep can leave us feeling irritated or lethargic all day. It also decreases our attention span drastically, and we are unable to concentrate fully. 

However, moving meditation works efficiently in your regulating your sleep patterns and supports a deeper more nourishing sleep. Again regulating the stress response in the body helps to support sleep and it is becoming mre researched and known that meditation has an neurological response within the brain, its chemistry and wave function, again I will delve deeper into this in a later blog. 

Here are a few other benefits of meditating whilst moving. All could be delved into if you wish and if you do please get in touch I’d love to talk with you. 

Some additional benefits of moving meditation

  • Boost the immune system of the body
  • Lowers the blood pressure 
  • Increases blood flow to the brain 
  • Encourages deep relaxation 
  • Focuses the mind and promotes healthy sleep
  • Increases concentration
  • Enhances creativity 
  • Opens the mind for creative and new ideas
  • Identifies and balances the emotions
  • Creates a deeper understanding 
  • Connects you to your spiritual purpose
  • Helps with creating your day 

So to wrap up, moving meditation not only calms you down but also strengthens you both mentally and physically. It is an incredibly simple practice that is always available to you. Become present with the beauty in your life and find the newness in the everyday. 


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