I have just completed the 6 weeks blueprint with Human. As someone that struggles getting motivated and lacks confidence when it comes to exercise, Alec immediately put me at ease. I’ve spent years signing up to boot camps and yo-yo dieting becoming frustrated and overwhelmed by a lack of results and inevitably giving up soon after I started. Alec’s blueprint has helped me look at changing my mindset when looking at my health as a whole. He has encouraged me and acted as a mentor for building healthy habits for all aspects of wellbeing including diet, mental wellbeing and fitness. The blueprint is so much more than just a personal training program and I found that Alec’s deep understanding of the body and nutrition enabled him to tailor a program suited to my requirements. I cannot thank Alec enough for the constant support during this process, which went far beyond the two sessions we had a week. He has really helped me get ‘back on track’ and I have finished the process with a much healthier and happier mindset and motivation to continue on this health journey. I look forward to continuing to work with Alec in his gorgeous new studio.