Hi, I’m Sophie

Sophie’s interest in Yoga started in 2009 after joining Dave Sykes Sun Power Yoga class.  This vinyasa-style class offered a welcomed sense of calm into Sophie’s life whilst also challenging the physical body.  The concept of balancing strength and composure during Yoga class, triggered Sophie’s exploration into a range of mindful practices and energy focused interests including breathwork, shamanic drumming, ecstatic dance, crystal healing and meditative art.  Throughout the years Sophie continued to sample a variety of physical Yoga practices including Yin, Ashtanga, Acro and Aerial Yoga and later began Pranashama Yoga classes in 2014.  Head Pranashaman Dave Smyth taught Sophie ancient and modern transformative healing practices that unlocked a desire to delve deeper into the physical practice, philosophy and history of Yoga.  Sophie had found in Pranashama, a form of Yoga that combined her interests in mindfulness and healing energy work into one creative, diverse and varied Yoga method.  In 2019, Sophie attended the Spirit Festival in Ibiza with fellow Yogini and Ashtanga Teacher Rachel Crellin.  By this stage, Sophie had immersed herself into a daily yoga practice and had turned her attention to self-healing and implementing constructive lifestyle changes for personal growth. A regular Yoga practice had awakened a desire to live in truth, non-violence, authenticity and love. With these principals in the forefront of Sophie’s aspirations, she enlisted the help of Dave Smyth to become a Pranashaman “Energy Healer” and gained the Yoga Alliance Teacher Certificate in the Pranashama Method.  Sophie continues to develop her Yoga and meditation skills to achieve an Advanced Certificate in Pranashama Yoga Teaching.  Sophie also holds Yoga Alliance Certificates in Mastering Your Energy and Mind Mastery.  For Sophie, Yoga is more than a physical practice, it is a way of life that promotes self-exploration both physically and spiritually.  In Sophie’s Yoga classes, expect a fusion of vinyasa flow, deep stretches, balance poses, twists, wriggles, giggles and a sprinkle of encouragement to help you deepen your practice.  Sophie’s mission is to help you develop a regular Yoga practice, raise your energy levels and choose love in every moment both on and off the mat.