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Love for the 14 Day Challenge

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The 14 Day Challenge empowers you to own your health and teaches you how to implement simple, enjoyable fundamental health changes that add up to healthy and happy lifestyle. Short 10 minute videos each day for even the busiest of lives.
🍏 Learn how to establish a positive routine full of freedom. We often fall at the first hurdle trying to cram in complicated programs into an already hectic lifestyle. Less is more.
🍎 Deepen your understanding of Nutrition & Movement, learn solid techniques of nourishing your body both physically and nutritionally.
🍏 Cultivate self-motivation and a positive mindset as together we remove some of the beliefs that de-motivate you and hold you back.
🍎 Feel fresh, vibrant and energised by improving sleep cycles and skills to help you relax
🍏 Live coaching & Community support. The entire way through the challenge you’ll be a part of likeminded Facebook community all journeying with you
🍎 Pulling it all together. Create your unique plan utilising all the tools we teach you across the challenge for long term success.
🍏Continued support and guidance as you implement your unique plan

Ok, still need to know a little more?

I’m glad you asked 🙂 
Let me introduce myself, my name is Alec and I have spent over a decade navigating the health and fitness industry and what I have learnt is simple….. You do NOT need to look like anybody else, you do NOT need to only eat certain foods or exercise 6 x per week. I’m here to tell you, you have everything you need to to be healthy, happy & strong. We just untangle the beliefs that hold you back. This is our inside out approach and it is refreshing in an industry full of quick fixes and unsustainable FADS.
The Human Blueprint challenge is our way or sharing love for life and health with people around the world and you’re invited to share the journey with us! So, the question remains…….

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